We are a cooperative of aymara textile artisans who belong to the Chilean-Andean territory of Arica and Parinacota. Our cooperative was named from de aymara Word AYNI which, within the Andean thought, means the relationship between those who make up a community, and the entire universe.

For our aymara culture, each action has a correspondence, which means that every act achieves its meaning and purpose when when it’s reciprocally complemented by another. In this manner all the members of the community collaborate in mantain the balance we need to live in harmony with the Pachamama, we promote mutual community care, respect for our cosmic order, and physical and material support in all the activities we perform as community. To live in AYNI, ensures the sustainability of relationships and strengthens the union of community links, not to seek personal reward, but as a manifestation of collective gratitude, in a sense of constant reciprocity. For this reason, we recognize ourselves as a space for nourishment and protection for creation, memory, innovation and local identity from this part of the world.



The entire textile process made by our artisans is handmade, and is directly connected to our culture and way of life.