Shearing: It is the process where the fleece (all the fiber that covers the alpaca) is cut and separated. Shearing is usually carried out between October and November, warmer months with fresh grass.

Second step (optional)

Dyed with natural elements: The colors are obtained through the use of plants, insects and minerals. Our artisans extract their dyes from local plants such as umatola, siputola, molle and queñoa, as well as cochineal (a parasite that grows on prickly pear palms).

Third step

Weaving: it is the first step to start the knitng work, and one of the most complex since it has a direct impact on the good quality of the final fabric. First, the yarns are selected to be warped, combining and ordering them according to the type of garment and design that the artisan wants to create.

Fourth step

Final details: once the garment has been knited, the artisan proceeds to carry out the required final details, for example, fringes, needlework, among others.